Jennifer Walsh

Biophilic Expert and Neuroscience Advisor

Jennifer Walsh is a pioneering architect of the beauty, wellness, and retail landscape. In the 1990s, Jennifer founded Beauty Bar, America's first experiential omni-channel beauty brand, integrating biophilic environments and nature's wisdom long before they were mainstream. Over 25 years, through diverse ventures like teaching restorative Wellness Walks® worldwide, conducting proprietary research, and advising global organizations, Jennifer has empowered people to flourish by deepening bonds with nature and one another through the lens of finding beauty in places, spaces, and products.

As a faculty advisor at the Center for Neuroaesthetics at UPenn as well as the Brain Health Initiative under Harvard and Mass General, studying biophilia's impacts on cognition, Jennifer now guides organizations worldwide on integrating biophilic design through her company, LABH, Lost Art of Being Human.

LABH's experiences, spaces, and content aim to gently reconnect people to their best selves through science-backed pathways such as mindfulness, creativity, and compassion. Jennifer believes shared human values blossom when we walk in rhythm with nature inside and out. Her trailblazing work sits at the intersection of nature, beauty and the brain.